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DDNS +DHCP - Openshift

Mon Oct 12, 2020 9:44 pm

Trying to keep things simple. Using my MikroTik CRS305-1G-4S+in switch to do dhcp for the three VLANs. As it boots first(ish) , It can hand out IPs. But now have issue. Trying to deploy openshift and it has need to get IP from dhcp, but then needs to be able to "resolve via dns" its name back. DHCP server does build field in leases of "hostname"

Active Host Name os01-fpz78-master-0
Active Address

And the router is set within context of my domain. Ex: acme.local

But the VM when it sets lease to use DNS of the router's IP, needs to be able to get cache / DNS entry response of "dig os01-fpz78-master-0.acme.local

I can't create static entry as the deployment just grabs from oVirt pool the mac available in table. So either DNS cache or DDNS will have to solve this. I prefer to keep DHCP on this router, and am ok with moving DNS onto this router if it can support it (today it is a pair of VMs for the four zones).

1) Can I get DNS cache or such to response DHCP lease IP and its own IP as DNS , cache hostname, and when another node pings that hostname response, or if needed differs upstream to another DNS server
2) Can this router just become DNS master for environment. Four forward and four reverse zones.. so not that large, but if that is what it takes :)


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