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join 2 ports without dhcp

Fri Oct 16, 2020 6:42 pm

I have looked at many items on this forum, but nothing quite gives me what I need. I have tried everything within my skillset but am now stuck.
This is what I am trying to achieve.
port1 broadband
port 2-4 Lan on ip with DHCP
port 5 another network which has its own dhcp.
be able to see each network, ie

first I tried just using the standard bridge and joining all 5 together, but this just sent the DHCP form each network back to the other network.
second I tried giving each port 2-5 and 5 a static IP and, then linking them together with a firwall filter rule, but all I have done is block the connections altogether.

Any pointers would be apreciated.
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Re: join 2 ports without dhcp

Fri Oct 16, 2020 10:19 pm

If you have a working setup with ether1 as WAN and ether2-5 in a bridge as LAN all you should have to do is remove ether5 from the bridge and add an IP address to that port.

The mikrotik will route traffic between the two subnets, subject to firewall rules, but you will have to make changes to devices on the subnet in order for traffic to be returned. This can be static routes on each device, or a static route on the other router for the subnet.

A diagram of exactly what you are trying to achieve would likely be more useful than attempting to infer everything from a brief description.
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Re: join 2 ports without dhcp

Sat Oct 17, 2020 2:16 am

I would use VLANS to separate the subnets and all tied to one bridge.
That way all the interfaces can be on the bridge (except ether1 to your modem) and then you can run vlans (subnets) over any interface you wish (max flex).
Finally use Firewall forward chain rules to create any cross talk you wish to permit, for example all the users in vlan10, are allowed access to the shared Printer IP address on VLAN 20, or
vlan 10 users (3 of them by firewall address list) are allowed to access a server on vlan20 and so on.
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