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hAP-ac2 vs hAP-ac3 vs Audience wifi perfomance

Sat Oct 17, 2020 5:03 am

Im trying to get a feel for the difference in the wifi perfomance of these 3 devices.

I understand that the strength of the Audience is using 2 in Mesh mode, but how about it by itself vs the other 2?

Also I see the new Hap ac3 has external antennas but the specs show that the Hap ac2 has a higher transmit power. How does that make any sense?

EDIT: Ok, I think ive got it. The ac3 has higher gain antennas so to keep the EIRP within regulations, the ac3 has to reduce its transmit power. So since the transmit power is capped, the real difference would be that the uplink direction (device to AP) would have a higher gain to hear the device and should be able to produce a better overall wifi experience?

If thats true, then I guess the real question goes back to the Audience. How does the wifi perfomance compare in standalone mode to the other 2?

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