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TX/RX Packet limit..... not TX/RX Rate limit.. help

Wed Nov 04, 2020 9:22 pm

Hi guys

as the title describes,can anyone confirm if TX/RX packet limit exists? is it configurable?

i do not plan to limit rate speeds on tx/rx rate limit... we have a odd issue with some pppoe users who like to hire their internet and become a small ISP sitting on a residential home internet , instead of hiring a dedicated internet line which is more costly due to the benefits of having a dedicated line instead of a home residential plan , and share it among their users with no licensing whatsoever..

is there a way of limit just the packets? or is this related to the speed on the plan?

we did some testing and an average home residential plan 100Mb... the average packet count is around 10k packets count, due to the average amount of devices connected..

and on the sharing customers.. the average speeds for around 50M.. the tx packets go around 20 to 40k... cleary can be seen that there is a considerable amount of devices connected , then the average of 10 devices conected per residential home broadband.

so the final question would be is there a way of limiting the TX/RX packets per second?

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