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Optimized Configuration for a Mid Size Hotspot

Thu Nov 05, 2020 8:37 pm

Hello All,

I might need to set up a hotspot box that will have about 1000 concurrent devices on it, each set to consume up to 6Mbps down and upload with a full commercial Gig circuit. Now we all know that 1000 connected devices mean majority of these are in power sleep mode, and out of others, few are really using Internet. And average load might not even be a 1Mbps per device and overall load will be lot less than full Gig.

For such hotspot, I will offload the DNS in dhcp scope to Google servers. Then DHCP lease time can be set to 1 hour and use something like /21 for dhcp scope range. User accounts (mainly Free Guest, so single Guest account, will be on external Radius box) and hotspot html will be on this external server as well. There will be like 50 or so user accounts for other purposes on the radius server.

Basic firewall and NAT as no port forwarding etc is needed in this setup. Speed control is thru the Wireless APs. Client / Port isolation will also be thru the Wireless APs. I also don't see a need for QoS on this hotpot router in this setup as speed caps are imposed by the APs.

In such cases, is it okay to use two ports (built-in copper ports) out of suitable high end CCR to LACP aggregate / bond over to switch without incurring much CPU?

Is there a recommended configuration template that someone can share please or just some guidelines?


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