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[Hotspot] Feature Request: Use Circuit-Id in NAS Port-Id

Mon Nov 09, 2020 11:13 am

When all your AP's work in bridge mode then it's hard to identify the origin of Hotspot users. E.g. from which specific AP the clients are connected through. Creating a vlan for each AP is a very cumbersome approach when you deal with many AP's.

In RouterOS the PPP can forward the circuit-id received from the NAS to the Radius server using the NAS-Port-Id attribute.
/ppp aaa set use-circuit-id-in-nas-port-id=yes

It would be tremendous feature to enable circuit-id option as well in the Hotspot Service Profile under Radius.
/hotspot profile set use-circuit-id-in-nas-port-id=yes

When using DHCP then Circuit-Id and Remote-Id are available from leases via Option 82. If this value is not retrieved then just keep the default value of interface name.

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