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DynaDish 5 Dead

Thu Nov 12, 2020 3:17 am


About two months ago I received 2 DynaDish 5 that I bought for a PTP link, they all worked perfectly, I had these antennas stored because I did not need them yet, a few weeks ago that I was going to use them I mounted the first one in my tower, and I was working well, it was being powered through a MikroTik Switch POE, after mounting it I configured it and left everything ready and since the other point is a far away place I turned off this antenna through the interface of the Switch and so it was like a week The night before the day we were going to mount the other antenna at the other point, I turn on the first DynaDish that I mounted and I see that it does not appear in WinBox and that the port never appears "Link" on the Switch, when I go up to The tower to verify I see that the antenna turned on the PWR and ETH lights but both flashed very very quickly and it only did that, which it had not done before, I disconnected it and reconnected it to the Switch and it was always the same behavior. We postponed that link and I left the antenna there, yesterday we lowered it to check and now the DynaDish is literally dead, it does not respond absolutely to anything, it connects with its POE and with the POE Switch and with nothing turns on, now the lights do not react, always they are off.

What happened to the DynaDish? I could never really use it

The other DynaDish does work and starts well but now it is alone.

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