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Shared MAC identity over all the system

Sat Nov 14, 2020 9:20 pm


I'm using Mikrotik for short time as my home router and wifi APs. I mainly like the system. I use Winbox for managament.
What really makes me crazy is, that I can't find a way to give identity to MAC address and then share it at all the winbox windows... I used comments but they are allways just for particular window... I used name at DHCP and it is again, not shared... I tried everything, nothing works.

At the same time my request seems for me absolutely basic.
I need to identify client's MAC on list of connected devices at WIFI interface, at dhcp screen, at KID's devices screen and at every other screen where is MAC address as key of shown row.
Am I missing something or it is normal, that I need to comment MAC at every grid or when I see ot, look at DHCP screen what device it is by name...? Its really annoying...

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