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DHCP client Ether1 looses IP address every1-5 minutes

Tue Nov 17, 2020 8:57 am

Having read through the net, it seems this issue is still present.

Here is my situation, I have a Hex unit that I am trying to upgrade to a RB4011. When I hook up the 4011, i get this errors. But when I return the Hex, there is no error. Here are the actions I've taken so far.

- Upgraded 4011 to latest stable release 6.47.7
- Used a new Cat6 cable between 4011 and modem
- Replaced the 4011, thinking it maybe a defective port.

Additional Info:
- The Hex has the latest 6.47.7 stable release.
- No fancy setup. Modem-Router-PCs with basic setup from scratch on both.
- 4011 came in with 6.49.9

Error Log (will repeat every 1-5 minutes on the 4011)
- ether1 link down
- dhcp-client on ether1 lost IP address xx.xx.xx.xx - lease stopped locally
- ether1 link up
- dhcp-client on ether1 got IP address xx.xx.xx.xx

(xx.xx.xx.xx remains the same)

What gets me is with the same package version, the 4011 looses IP address every few minutes while the Hex has been rock solid. Should I just stay with the Hex? Is there a hardware difference between the Hex and 4011 that the programmers missed? It seems that version 6.41 is the one that does not produce the errors for the 4011 as the errors started coming out with 6.42 but I prefer not to use an old package if it affects security.

Any insight into the issue is appreciated.

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