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Thu Dec 24, 2020 6:47 pm

I have some proprietary server ( Phion, now Barracuda ) and licence for it is expired.
Hardware is X64, Intel E8400 3,0 GhZ and 2GB of RAM, together with 10 gigabit ports.

For purpose of testing I 2 3 months ago installed RouterOS on 512 MB USB stick. USB stick is about 15 years old and reliability is under questionmark. I would like to install RouterOS on new larger USB stick etc 32GB or on Sata 2 interface. Server have also 128 MB CF card and card is formated. When boot from 512MB USB, I cant see CF as storage anywhere in winbox.


I dont know how I installed on RouterOS on USB. Last night I try with Netinstall, and usually get 2 errors "Cannot acces device" or "Failed to MBR". I try 3 4 different versions of netinstall and different versions of RouterOS. Curent USB 512MB when pluged in laptop shows 2 partitions. And to be honest once installation was completed but loading stuck after Loading initrd.rgz........done, but nothing after this.
When burn ISO on USB server missing instalation disk.

PS Also try with netinstall in compatability mode, disabling adapters and all other stuff i find online.

Also try with CD drive,
ISOLINUX 2.08 2003-12-12 Copyright (C) 1994-2003 H. Peter Anvin
Loading linux.....................
Loading initrd.rgz...........
And there stops.
Any advice?

Problem solved by putting HDD in another server and booted normaly from CD. But why Netinstall is pain in the a##? I Think 80 GB is adequate storage for RouterOS.

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