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Issues with 6.47.7, anyone?

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 4:00 pm
by michoglen63
Hi folks,

So my super-duper-awesome RB4011 started to have issues lately where my gigabit internet service would drop to kilobits. Super bizarre stuff. I tried a laundry list of things which I'll save for if anyone asks but I obviously rebooted it numerous times, turned things on and off and tried different interfaces for my ISP connection to the ONT.

The router ran fine for some time though and I don't recall changing anything just before the problem occurred.

I should say the one thing I did notice was a shitload of TX pauses on the ethernet interface going to the ONT (I didn't check others). Even when I turned flow control off, I still had heaps of these. Like, millions and they kept incrementing.

It was fixed by downgrading to the Long-Term version 6.46.8. Like, instantaneously fixed.

Anybody else had similar problems on similar hardware?