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[ASK] Device is always asked for username & password even it has submitted the mac address

Wed Dec 30, 2020 3:41 am

Hi, this happens when i'm adding a new access point with absolutely same configuration (different IP with same subnet of course) with another AP on my network.

I always submit mac addresses as user hotspot so they can connect automatically

There's something weird that i can't automatically login hotspot by Mac Address when connect to the new AP, i've always asked for username & password on this new one.
But when i'm trying to connect to the another old AP it's never asked me to input username & pass, i'm always automatically login successfully without any issue.

Just for make sure, i'm adding a new AP again and configure it like the old, then trying connect a device (my smartphone) through it, and i get the same result, have to login with username & pass,

When i'm logged in through the old AP (auto login), then connect and login to the new AP (with input login detail), it showing a user hotspot using 2 different IP

i'm having trouble with this since 2 months ago, before it never happens. And no change in router configuration at all.

what shoud i do to make registered mac address logged in automatically on the new AP?

Device that i use
Router : DOM device on PC with RouterOS v6.47.7 x86
New AP : Tenda AP4
Old AP : Also Tenda AP4
My Smartphone : Samsung Galaxy A70

Setting on AP
DHCP : Disabled
Security Mode : None
Network Mode : 11b/g/n
Channel : auto

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