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2x WAN (PPoE+DHCP) - how to config?

Wed Dec 30, 2020 6:33 pm

MikroTik Hex S

Hello everyone,

i am very new to router technology. I need a few tips or specific instructions on how to set up 2 WANs. 1x PPoE and 1x DHCP.

I was able to set up PPoE quickly on WAN1 via Quick-Set. When setting up for WAN2 (DHCP), however, I lack the knowledge. I've read and tried various tutorials - but it didn't work.

So far I've only set up WAN1 (PPoE), deactivated NAT and DHCP, because the MikroTik is still in my Lan. I have a Dreytek vigor running there (dual WAN). I would like to replace it with the MT.

config on the MT should be:

WAN2 (DHCP) with failover
LAN3 to 5 (my internal LAN; / 24)

how do I do that...?

Thanks in advance.
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