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Double NAT & no public IP for VPN

Sat Jan 02, 2021 1:37 pm

Hello, this is my first post
and I want to say Mikrotik is awesome, disruptive price in my country, best price per performance!

but I have problem with VPN. My ISP give me only private ip address, and it's double NAT (first 2 hop is private ip)

Tried almost everything and it doesn't work
I tried using Mikrotik IP Cloud also as target IP for VPN, it doesn't work

Search the whole internet and here is my conclusion I need to make sure it will work
1. If I setup VPS and configure OpenVPN as server, will it route between 2 mikrotik router as VPN client?
2. If I upgrade my ISP subscription which include Dynamic Public IP, will it work?
3. I read about setting up some kind of domain routing like VPS or web page but with affordable price anyone knows about it? since I'm not good in web thing basically it makes your router has public IP that can be act as VPN destination
4. Is there any other option?

So far I'm using RPi + Ngrok but I'm planning to change all 12 router to Mikrotik and I'm afraid this must be halted for a moment

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