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Does Mikrotik Router OS effectively support Multicast Streaming?

Wed Jan 06, 2021 7:59 pm

Hello All,

As Far as I know, Mikrotik routers has so much functionality which are very great. but today i would like to discuss about is that i am not really expertise in this part " multicast Network Streaming with Mikrotik ". because of i'm facing some issues in multicast streaming . I Searched some of the things but i'm not clear . That is why i would liked to take some topic in Forum. Pls join Discussion for me and future helps.

let me take a bit explaining about my issue.
I have IPTV Server and Clients in network, so i must use multicast Streaming. So
1. I created a network for Multicast Clients and Bridged to all Ports that i connected to the IPTV Server and Clients ( Router Model : CCR1036-12G-4S-EM)
2.Then i Added to that Bridge to use PIM IGMP with IGMP V2.
3. After that i created Rendezvous Point (RP) for multicast Group ( for the multicast network
4. I turned on IGMP Snooping on Switches

So , Traffic is flowing for multicast
for the first time testing about with 15 Nos multicast Streaming Clients ok , just had a bit latency.
but for Second time Streaming with 35 Nos multicast Streaming Clients was not ok . I got issue there. it can not stream Smoothly and does not play well . it look like network traffic pretty tide.
i have to run simultaneously about 100 Streaming Clients with multicast on mikrotik .

So i would like to know is
1 . Any Config need to do more to get stream smoothly all 100 Streaming Clients?
2. May i know the main parts of the requirements to stream all smoothly?
3. Any others suggestions on this?

Pls advise and join the discussion as knowledge sharing and to get more experience and knowledges on Multicast Streaming with Mikrotik

Thanks and Best Regards,

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