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VLAN configuration with CAPsMAN on hAP AC2 and cAP AC as the AP

Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:01 am

Hello! I have an hAP AC2 as my router running CAPsMAN, and a cAP AC as the access point with 4 SSID's (2 on the physical wireless interface and 2 Virtual Access Points).

I'd like to setup VLANs for each of these SSID's. Is the process below the correct approach on the CAPsMAN router?
  • Use one bridge on the main router
  • Add vlan interfaces on the bridge
  • Add DHCP/IP for each of those VLAN interfaces
  • Setup datapath for each SSID w/ vlan ID and point to bridge on the router
  • Add configuration to CAP interface
  • Reprovision the CAPs
Not 100% sure if I would need to set up trunking between the cAP AC and hAP AC2 router. Ether1 on cAP AC is connected to ether2 on the hAP AC2. Thank you in advance for your help!

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