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Flash write stats - not shown in 6.46.8 long term?

Mon Feb 08, 2021 2:51 pm

I keep seeing images/console output of the /system/resources showing Flash write statistics, like number of sector writes and bad blocks. I do not see that information on my RB3011, and never did on my previous RB850GX2. I'm curious because I just bought the 3011 'pre-owned' (the current nicer term for 'second hand').

There is no mention of anything to do with the flash (other than total/used) in webfig, winbox or in the console by doing /system/resources/print. I downgraded the RB3011 to ROS 6.46.8 long term when I received it due to reading about that version not having the port flapping issue. My 850 has an older ROS on than that, and it never showed that information either.

Am I doing something wrong?
[zeus@RB3011] /system resource> pr
             uptime: 2d10h46m
            version: 6.46.8 (long-term)
         build-time: Oct/29/2020 08:29:55
        free-memory: 976.4MiB
       total-memory: 1024.0MiB
                cpu: ARMv7
          cpu-count: 2
      cpu-frequency: 1400MHz
           cpu-load: 0%
     free-hdd-space: 89.0MiB
    total-hdd-space: 128.3MiB
  architecture-name: arm
         board-name: RB3011UiAS
           platform: MikroTik
[zeus@RB3011] /system resource> 

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