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CRS switch first impression

Tue Feb 09, 2021 12:31 pm

What kind of switch is this
STP cost factor 10 (no dynamic changes on the port speed basis)
STP loop guard missing ( I tried couldnt find in forum or doc)
Flip thru docs to see wht can be done by switch controller and what will be done by cpu
You have to write down a whole rule to just block bpdu (clicking a bpdu filter radio button). Reminds me ebtables days
Adding non consecutive tagged vlans in trunk port you have to open new field (no comma or space delimiter in a single line). Imagine u have 200 vlans to add in trunk ports.
Single rate for unknown unicast,multicast and broadcast
No Cpu defending feature.
Can winbox handle 128k mac address table. CRS 317 mac table is 128k
Just configured one CRS not put live. 1 bonding interface (lacp), 4 trunk ports, 1 managment vlan. I'm seeing cpu spikes of 50% with 0 load. Everything is h/w offloaded.
this list is not exhaustive
thanks and regards

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