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Internet connection drops for 4-3 second every few moment

Tue Feb 09, 2021 5:27 pm

Sorry for my english.
My radio wireless is LHG 5 and ISP radio is QRT 5. The connection is PTMP, there is 3 other clients connected to that QRT 5. There is a weird problem that happens every few moment and it's so annoying for me. every few moment( 2 minute - 10 minute) I get a complete disconnection for 3-4 second and it's so annoying because it interrupts every kind of task (Voice Call, Online Game, University online course, live stream or video, Streaming by myself). I called ISP many times to solve this problem, they did everything they can to solve it but they couldn't succeed. Also we checked everything together (Me and ISP support) but we couldn't understand what is the reason of this problem. The 3 other client are industries and they get closed after 15 PM, so after that time I'm the only user who uses the internet and other 3 client device stay as idle mode (They just stay online and don't use any internet). So ISP asked me to research about it. They are ready to set any configuration I say to solve this problem because they have no idea what's the reason of this. Thus I decided to ask you for help, I can provide any detail you want to solve this problem.
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