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Tue Feb 09, 2021 6:54 pm

Guys, I have 2 ISPs, they give me IPv6. I already made the settings and in this case it works well. My question is if I use vlan, say wireless vlan, I created a dhcpserver6 on vlan20 which is the wireless vlan with a / 64 from the first provider, all working, but how do I create another dhcp6 server on that same vlan? Seeing that when the first ISP goes down, there will be no dhcpipv6 on the network anymore.
If I try to create two dhcp6 servers on the same interface with 1 block / 64 from one IPS and another / 64 from another ISP, it won't let me, how will I have to process in this case in case of failover?

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