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Consolidating OpenVPN configuration file

Wed Feb 10, 2021 7:25 pm

Hello everyone.

Yesterday I've set up OpenVPN server on RB2011 and I have to say, it works fantastic! In the guide I did it with, has certificate and user/pass auth file paths specified in ovpn, so it's in total 5 files to import.

I'm trying to optimize config file delivery for users, the less files they have to deal with the better. The goal is to have single .ovpn file containing everything, which user can then import to OpenVPN client and connect right away. I was able to move certificates into .ovpn using <ca></ca> , <cert></cert> and <key></key> tags.

Is it possible to include user/pass data there as well instead of having auth-user-pass filename directive pointing to the external file?

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