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Active backup bonding not workinh, ospf broadcast with bfd, wrong link speed on crs328

Tue Feb 16, 2021 4:39 pm



I have problems with latest beta release on CRS328-4C-20S-4S+


1.      All SFP modules are linked on 10 Gbps (which is wrong) -> I have 3 interface bonding between CCR1036 and this router. There are sfp19, sfp20 and combo4 ports used. Because of wrong link speed, the combo port became inactive.

2.      I am using OSPF through VLANs. Main router is CCR1036 mentioned previously. OSPF neighbour discovery with broadcast stopped working (I also use BFD). I had to change it to NBMA to make it work again.

3.      Problem with active backup bonding: this is not just in this ROS release. Many years I have used active backup bonding for 60 GHz + 5 GHz or 24 / 17 GHz + 5 GHz PtP links without any problem. After some maybe 6.46.x version it stopped working. When I activate backup port, the ICMP has maybe 50% packet loss. And when I disable primary port, data does not flow through backup port. I am using now BFD instead of this.


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