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point-to-point , which is faster ( wds or station-bridge )

Wed Feb 17, 2021 3:20 am

L2 point-to-point , which is faster ( station-wds or station-bridge ) (((( for L2 bridging two ethernet networks together ))))

First , I know this is an old topic with much input from past years - however , I will ask again.

I currently connect two remote ethernet networks ( actually 802.1q trunk ethernet networks ) using two Mikrotiks where I have a Mikrotik AP-Bridge and a Station-WDS.
This has worked well with no problems.

I know that Mikrotik's Station-Bridge ( on the client ) does not need/use WDS. However I have never actually tried Station-Bridge to connect two remote networks together which have many MAC addresses on both remote networks.

So my question is, "Which is faster to connect two remote ethernet networks ( with hundreds of MAC address on both remote networks ) , "Station-WDS" or "Station-Bridge" ?"
*** Edit- by faster , I am asking which method offers the greatest throughput ***

My thinking might be Station-Bridge is faster because there is one less interface required/used ( the wds interface ). --- Don't know - never tried it this way

FYI - for most of my ptp links I use 802.11 , but on some of my distant multi-point WDS links I then use nv2.

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