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Help for hEX RB750Gr3

Fri Feb 19, 2021 9:36 pm

Hi All,

I want your help to putting mikrotik hex as a main router for managing my internet speed, i have 500mb 5g speed connection it is running currently through PPPoE user/password with the router ip, but when i am trying to put mikrotik as a main router that PPPoE account is not working.

Secondly since my main router ip is its dhcp is from, i have my network runs on the same ips or routers/devices if i changed my ip on mikrotik for lan/bridge it will take long time+ i need to change all routers settings as per the new ips produced my mikrotik, so i want my mikrotik to work on same dhcp

Third thing i have tried mikrotik as bridge on all ports but it does now manage load and no rules work even after putting right scripts/settings.

Kindly help to resolving this issue.


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