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Pushing routes to clients by VPN server?

Sat Feb 20, 2021 1:03 pm

Hey guys,

I want to push routes from Mikrotik SSTP server to Windows 10 clients.
I know that question has already arose few times in the past (a common answer - it's not possible) but any news or someone had positive experience in this matter?

Windows Server is able to push routes as a VPN server, it works just fine. However, it does require some tweaks: the Windows VPN server (RRAS) built-in "address range" is not able to do that. You need to use "main" DHCP service for the RRAS service instead of built-in one. Then, you setup a DHCP scope for the RRAS and option 121 "Classless Static Routes" there, and it works flawlessly.

This looks very similar to the Mikrotik: its VPN server also has built-in "address range" with no possibilities to setup DHCP options and there is a "main" DHCP service with Options available. Would be possible to use "main" DHCP for VPN server and setup Option 121 there?

For your information, I had no luck with Zyxel USG in very similar case too. There is also "address range" for VPN server, also "main" DHCP and it is possible to use main DHCP for VPN server. However, the list of options in the DHCP is limited and there is no way to setup Option 121 as a string. Even though DHCP options are simply key-value pairs. I very hope that the Mikrotik is more flexible in this regard.

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