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when changing interfaces admin access is denied

Sun Feb 21, 2021 12:42 pm

Hey everyone,

I got a CRS326 cloud switch and bumped into very weird issue. RouterOS and board firmware is updated to 6.47.9
I do set a couple of networks for example:
- 10.10.10.x/24 - User network on ports 1 and 2 - access mode
- 10.10.11.x/24 - DMZ network on ports 3 and 4 - access mode\

CRS is a gateway for all networks with ip X.X.X.1

Configuration approach is - all networks are bridges which are assigned to proper ports. Each bridge interface is bound to VLAN.
Now as I use network (port 1) for management everything is alright and I can login from Winbox, ssh and web.
But when I plug my laptop to port 3 and change the ip in the DMZ:
- I can ping
- I can connect with Winbox
- when connecting through SSH it reports incorrect user and password
- when connected on the gui it reports the same (Authentication failed: invalid username or password.)

First I thought that may be SSH/WEB access login is only done through specific port or network but after some time/reboots (unknown reason) I am magically able to login.
And there is the case that when I change the interface to the origin network (10.10.10.x) user/pass are wrong again and after some time/reboots it again recovers somehow.

Any idea why this happens? do I do something wrong?
So far I tried to reset it a few times but issue always appears.

I am new to RouterOS so may be I do something wrong.
Please advise :(.

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