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3x CRS326-24g-2s vlans problem

Mon Feb 22, 2021 12:20 am

Hi there,
I have problem witch setting of vlans on 3 x crs. I have 1 crs as a router and 2 crs as a switch.
I follow instruction from this website: ... Based_VLAN.
I try to make trunk vlans on sfp ports. I connect router sfp1 witch switch 1 and sfp 2 witch switch 2.
Make bridge, add vlans to bridge, make as tagged bridge and vlans, turn on vlan filtering, make network and dhcp servers for vlans.
On switches same except dhcp servers. I turn on dhcp client on each vlans.
And looks great working but only witch one switch. When I connected 2 switches also works only one.
But when I changing switches and connect first then disconnect and connect second they are work perfectly.
Only don`t wanna work together. I bout another crs and make every thing manually from the beginning changing instead swieches and router but result is same.
They are work two (router + switch) but when i connect 3 (router + 2x swich) working only one switch second don`t see vlans.
Probably I miss something but I don`t now where.

I found it.
It was bridge configuration.
On one switch i have root port on eth1 and alternate port on sfp port.
I mesh with Root Patch Cost.
Set sfp lowest cost then eth1 and now i have root port on sfp and every thinks work fine vlan also.
Case close maybe somebody have similar problem.

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