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RB3011 + 180-t - VDSL not working

Mon Feb 22, 2021 12:42 am

I am new to the world of MikroTik and am testing the above on my home Internet - VDSL2 from iiNet in Australia. Normally I expected the VLAN ID to be 10 but my ISP confirms it should be VLAN of 2, using PPPoE - either option does not connect.

Current Setup
I get a green sync light on SFP Module, so assume this means I have a successful sync. SFP is detected and creates a sfp1 interface, so the only config on it is to turn auto negotiate off. I then create a new VLAN (tested 10 and 2) and assigned to sfp1 Interface. Last but not least I setup a new pppoe connection with username and password and assign VLAN Interface.

What have I missed? Logs simply shows pppoe initializing, connecting, terminating - disconnected. Not really helpful.

Should I be adjusting MTU or are there other settings I need?

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