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multiple pppoe - NAT problem

Mon Jul 23, 2007 11:04 pm

I'm building a failover box for our network, launching 16 pppoe's over diffrent lines. I also want to redirect ports from the outside to a Win2003 server behind the failover box. But a want to be able to use every pppoe as a possible entry point(eg. if i connect on port 3389 on any of the pppoe's external IP's, I want it to dst-nat me to the Win2003 on port 3389).
Now the catch is that the first pppoe redirect works fine because it the default gateway, but the second one does not, because it route out the packets through the default pppoe. Anyway it can 'track' the connection and route out via the pppoe it came from? Im using 3beta10.


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