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MAC Auth. problem

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2005 11:38 pm
by TymeWyse
I am running the hotspot feature and having users log in with both username/password and MAC adresses. The only problem is that the MT machine is pulling the MAC address off the users NIC and not the radio. All people are using Tranzeo CPE's.
How do I get MT to only see the MAC address of the CPE and not the computers NIC so I can set a mac address. Is there a way to have it read both or either?

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2005 8:52 pm
by UniKyrn
What mode is the CPE in, bridged or routed? We use Tranzeo CPE's all over our network and all I see in the Wireless Tables on the MT is the mac address as printed on the label on the CPE, I don't remember ever seeing the mac address of the users computer.

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2005 9:07 pm
by ofasa
There's an option on the TR-CPE to use either the Radio's MAC orht the connected PC's MAC.

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2005 10:08 pm
by TymeWyse
The CPE's and the APare running in bridged mode. I just got off the telephone with Tranzeo and the CPE-80 and AP-4115 do not have the feature to change which MAC address to use, that comes on different CPE's.

Excuse my lack of knowlege on this but besides the Hotspot feature and DHCP, do I need to run the Wireless feature with the MT setup? I have a very small wireless network and am only allowing people to log in via the hotspot feature. I figured that having username,password and MAC filtering that would be fine.

Here is what I have running for my wireless network,

Cisco 340 and 350 AP's (I know, they're old but they were free and work)
and these are connected thru a switch to my MT box.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2005 11:42 pm
by ofasa
Not unless you have wireless cards installed on Mikrotik.