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contention ratio how to

Mon Jan 31, 2005 10:54 am

I want to give bandwidth on contention ratio eg. 20:1. How should i do it. What type of queueing should I use and how accurate it is against download accelerators.
Thanks in advance
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Mon Jan 31, 2005 2:02 pm

Setting up simple queue per connection should do.
Set up the bandwith limit for each of the IPs.
This can be done autimatically from radius server as well.
It is pretty accurate and works fine.
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Tue Feb 08, 2005 12:51 am

Not quite (Sorry to bring up a old subject - I'm interested as well).

1:4 Ratio @ 64k.
Client1 - 64k Allocated, Group 1
Client2 - 64k Allocated, Group 1
Client3 - 64k Allocated, Group 1
Client4 - 64k Allocated, Group 1
Group1 - 64k Allocated

Thus, I assign the 64k to all 4 connections via Radius Rate-Limit or whatever (i.e. on the interface). What will be the best way now (pref. via Radius), to ensure that Client 1 to 4 gets Allocated to Group 1, and that the WHOLE of Group1 only gets 64k?

If Client1 is the only one currently logged in in the group, then fine, give him 64k. If Client1 and 2 is in, but client 2 is idle, fine give client 1 64k. If client 1 and 2 are busy, share the 64k BETWEEN client 1 and 2...

Ideally, I'd like to assign clients to groups DYNAMICALLY - via predefined values. I setup a group @ say, 128k, and want to allow a max of 8 clients in the group. If the group is full, automatically create a new group - assign 8 more clients, etc etc etc.

I'm not sure if MT can do this, but if anyone can give some advice / recommendations (even if other software), i'd appreciate it allot.

Another thought just passing my mind now, is to just create on group. Say, I have 40 x 64k clients in a 1:4 contention. I can setup one static group and assign 160k (64k * 10 / 4) bandwidth to it (and manually add 64k to the group throughput for each 4 users I add). But if I already assign each client it's individual rate-limit via Radius - which I *MUST* do to disallow any "bursting", how can I add these clients to go through the globally defined queue as well?

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