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Two main routers instead of one?

Sat Nov 10, 2007 7:41 pm


we are currently reaching nearly 400 users and I think we need to redo our strategy from scratch. Some guys are suggesting, that when we will install new router, we should go directly for two new routers - one wich will do queueing/shaping, and the other which will be for NAT purposes only.

However, going thru this conference history, I can see suggestions for separation of shaping and queueing to separate routers.

So, will I gain anything to install additional router which will take care for NAT plus some FW rules only? Could the reasong be that second router would have simpler life with packet marking, because there would be no NAT involved?

Thanks a lot,
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Re: Two main routers instead of one?

Tue Nov 13, 2007 6:46 am

You'll have to do that once your mikrotik is in problem. Leaking out of resource.
Check the load, check the memory usage. I cant see why you have to make it two routers.
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Re: Two main routers instead of one?

Thu Nov 15, 2007 3:45 pm

pekr -
There are advantages to going both ways - one or two 'main' routers.

Any PC based router faster than 500mhz should do everything you want in one box and handle full duplex 100mbps (so that would be 200mbps).

The advantege to using two boxes would be varying degrees of control, filtering, multiple gateways, etc that could be spread between two routers. In one of my cases I have two routers, one that does the bonding of multiple T1 lines and nat - and very very little filtering. The second one does all the 'real' routing and filtering. I did this as the system was in production and this was the easiest way to add bonding without disrupting my clients, but I have found there is a considerable amount or 'extra' control when you have two seperate boxes to work with.

So basically what I am telling you is that it is a personal choice. You could certainly start with one box and later if you find you need more control then go to two boxes....
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