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need help with hotspot profile TX and RX Bit Rate limiting !

Wed Feb 23, 2005 9:48 pm

HI all!

i have a lot of hotspot users and limited internet bandwith...(only 256kbps)

i gave to some of my users 64kbps flat by limiting their Tx Bit Rate in
ip>hotspot>profiles menu...

this works fine until all of my 'flat' users try to surf at same time...
and if my other hotspot users try to surf at this time they get no traffic (or veeery small amount of traffic)

it seems that MIkrotik gives to this flat users some kind of guaranteed bandwith so in this case other users that have no TxBitRate set dont get any (or very small) part bandwith....

is there a solution to this ???

is it possible to give to some of my hotspot users for example 64kbps of UNGUARANTED traffic speed, so if there is enough bandwith they get max 64kbps, but if there is not enough bandwith for this, they will share bandwith with other users and they will get less than 64kbps...
this way all of users can use the internet... slower, but they can all use it...

maybe its posssible to make this in QUEUES menu??? with some kind of traffic shaping...

any clues???
pleeeeeeeez ???? its driving my users nuts :(
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Wed Feb 23, 2005 11:03 pm

How do you setup your users?

You could 'Group' users by assigning them to different subnets and use queue trees to manage the bandwidth across all groups.


subnet 1 - - 64k with 128k burst
subnet 2 - - 64k with 256k burst
subnet 3 - - 128k with 256k burst


Take a look at queue trees.
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Wed Feb 23, 2005 11:26 pm


first of all thank you for your reply...

im am aware of the possibility of queue trees, but i dont understand how can i make that users dont have guarantied bandwidth but only LIMITED bandwidth to some value... for example 64kbps...

is it the LIMIT AT or MAX LIMIT option ???
and is it possible to make this in simple trees with per-ip or per-mac bandwidth limiting...??

can you clarify in one example what is the difference between Limit At and Max Limit option in simple queues ????


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