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success stories using v3 : anyone ?

Wed Feb 27, 2008 12:07 pm

I have been using OS 2.9 for the last 2years and have hardly no issue with it. Week ago i thought it would be nice to see what v3 has to offer. I have 3 mikrotik boxes on the network with +250 clients

1st : ppp server x86 (upgrade to v3)
2nd : traffic shaper , dns , proxy x86 (upgrade to v3)
3rd : gateway mini router (2.9.50)

I have heard allot about v3 proxy ,how much better it is than squid. v3 proxy gave me more problems than anything else. page time outs were the most common problem.
The 2nd issue i ran into was this :
10:22:16 pptp,ppp,info <pptp-xxxxx>: terminating... - could not add queue: already have such name
When have 250 clients trying to connect and all you see is this in the log file while taking calls and u have no idea why it is doing this ,it can be a bit frustrating. Mikrotik reckons it is a ppp module crash and have managed to fix it with the new 3.x. Thanks Mikrotik you could let us know that there are still MAJOR bug with version 3

3rd issue : both systems suddenly started to restart randomly.( not sure if that has anything to do with v3 , time will tell after the downgrade)

I have downgrade back to 2.9 now and everything is running smoothly again.

Has anyone used v3 in a larger scale network not just cpe's and if you have what kind of experiences have you had with it ?

Any success stories would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: success stories using v3 : anyone ?

Wed Feb 27, 2008 2:34 pm


we run network with 400+ users, some 20 nodes or so. We got new nice connection two weeks ago, bought piece of land for it, built new tower, and now we skipped chain of 2 ISPs at least, and buy from premier one, using Ceragon technology. Although the connection is more expensive for us, we were fed-up with constant headaches, when buying from smaller partners.

So, our main router runs 3.3. It is SuperMicro based server, and we are buying another one, and will try VRRP to have fail-over solution. We created P2P traffics based upon RB600 (OS 3.3) to all our locations. We run for two weeks, without single problem.

Of course, our set-up is more conservative. I am not good at networking (working as IT manager for one local company), and my brother runs that network in one person, still being able to grow. We really use simplistic method - "the less is more sometimes". So just simple-queue on main router for subsequent nodes. No radios in main router, just ethernet to switch, from switch to RB600s, those used in P2P mode to target destinations. All user queues are on end nodes. We have few fw rules (mainly for email to not appear on CBL spam list due to viruses on some user machines), some anti SSH attack black-listing rules, p2p mangling, and that's it - no hotspots, proxies, ppoes or other useless stuff :-)

Well, as we grew, we went from bridges to NATs, and now we route everything. The last thing I will look into is probably Dude, to have easier overall image of state of network, but that's it - Mikrotik allowing us to run our business in 1-2 persons ....


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