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FATAL ERROR: no harddrives / refused to install ROS 3.3

Wed Feb 27, 2008 11:25 pm

Nobody has nothing to say??? Some clue??

I have Intel core2 duo with ASUS P5K mother, this mother support
SATA and normal IDE.

Ros 3.1 currently don't see the ethernet onboard too.
same for 3.2.
same for 3.3

I try with netinstall and booting with cdrom, neither works.

With 3.1:

With netinstall only see the SATA disk, but when end formatting,
throws the FATAL ERROR .... and hangs. And if I try installing in a IDE Compact Flash
throws FATAL ERROR before formatting ( looking for harddrives .... ) .

With cdrom always stops before formatting. And I have two
differents errors NO hard drives ( when I enable the IDE Compact Flash and disable the SATA disk ),
and NO CDROM ( when I enable SATA and disable de IDE ComactFalsh )

With 3.2:

The only difference is with netinstall, when formatting ends, then show
FATAL ERROR: server refused to install.

same 3.3

With this hardware I can installing Suse Linux and see all hard without problems.

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Re: FATAL ERROR: no harddrives / refused to install ROS 3.3

Thu Feb 28, 2008 4:54 am

You most likely got a JMICRON IDE controller, wich is very faulty under linux.

If I remember corectly, the onboard ethernet is an intel e1000, thus it requires the newest drivers. If Mikrotik is not using the latest linux kernel, it won't work. You could also have a realtek gigabit controller that needs 3rd party linux drivers.

I'd recommend you get a SATA optical drive (cd-rom or dvd-rom on sata). That did it for me on an older linux distro.

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