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Mikrotik firewall + Mikrotik proxy server

Sun Mar 02, 2008 7:11 pm


Im using Mikrotik since 2 years now. Recently, im having some problems with external proxy server.

Let me explain the scenario.

I have an adsl link of 2Mbps that connects to a mikrotik v3 server installed on a p3 600MHz with 512MBram. The server has 4 NIC and i have 3 lans (,, I didnt wanted to cache on the same server, who is also a firewall, and thats why i runned another copy of MT on another pc (p4, 2.8GHz, 1GBRam, 80GB HDD, with one NIC connected to lan

I tried redhat with squid, clarkconnect, sme-smith, etc, but the same problem happens every time. It seems like the proxy server(s) do not cache anything, as there i dont see any cache=HIT in the access.log on different proxies i have tried, althout i let them running for about 24 hours. As i used to test the mikrotik proxy server, and it worked fine, i thought i should sacrifice another pc to install another copy of mikrotik, this time only for proxying. It seems to work (although there are still a lot of MISS-es in the log, and the ratio is 1 HIT:10-15 MISS-es), but still there is another problem. When i have only one pc connected to mikrotik with proxy server, it works fine, but when i connect the other pcs (15), mikrotik proxy server suffers, and none of the computers on lan cant open any page. When it works, it lasts for like 5-10 minutes and than boom, page can not be displayed.

Any idea whats going on in here ? I was thinking to give mikrotik proxy server another subnet, like, independent, and bridge all lans together, but i just thought i should ask first.
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Re: Mikrotik firewall + Mikrotik proxy server

Mon Mar 03, 2008 3:42 pm

i haven't had so much performance using proxy in MT so i always suggest a clean *nix distro with Squid (i vote in favor of CentOS).
But i'm open to any others experience.
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