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Request: System utilization in SNMP daemon on RouterOS

Sat Mar 08, 2008 9:20 pm

Hi Folks,

just setup my routerbox monitoring (self developped).
I noticed however - that there is not that much I can check on the RouterOS side - regarding System utilization.
The only OID I found is related to CPU % Utilisation actual status.

Note that newer Linux kernels - notable from version 2.6 on - have a so called System utilization counter.
This one uses a counter that increments depending on how much usage has been accomplished by the System, the User, Nice or Idle.
This Version of System utilization is way more accurate than any System Load display, or the way we get it presented right now - as we miss all the information between 2 Polls - e.g. - if I poll the RB153 every 5 Minutes, and the Poll takes roughly 1 Second - I'll loose 4minutes 59Seconds of informations.
If I use the System Utilization counter - I am way more accurate - as all utilization information is held in the counter - like for networking.

Ah - yes. An example can bee seen here:
while the Typical Load can be viewed here:
which is not accurate - as it's already averaged load.

I am quite sure - that it would be very easy to activate this SNMP capability to the system.
Ah - BTW - if someone wants to have a look at all the Stats - check out:
It's not all finished yet - and I'm still working on. Also - anonymous users will not see all ;)

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