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More "frequency efficient" cards than 802.11a ???

Sat Jul 05, 2008 1:13 am


From my main tower, I have 8 different towers to feed in the 5Ghz range. We use 5.275 to 5.325 at our towers and 2.4, so I have the 5.4upper to 5.8 to use for BHs and there are a couple other carriers in the area, so I have to be very efficient.

I of course, use different polarities where I can, but my question is this...

Is there a maker of radio cards that work with the Mikrotik that get more Bandwidth per Mhz? more than getting 20 Mbit of bandwidth out of 20Mhz of spectrum?

Some of my towers have peaks where they are getting close to saturating my current BH's, and I need to plan for the near-future. 75% of our traffic (at least) is customer download, so I have to think in terms of that. Trying to squeeze a little bit more out of 802.11a seems like not the way to go.

differnt technologies use more efficient methods and that is the kind of card I want to implement in the Mikrotiks.

Any PROVEN suggestions?


Paul, PDMNet
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Re: More "frequency efficient" cards than 802.11a ???

Sat Jul 05, 2008 4:04 am

Trango's Trangolink45 gets 45mbps out of 20mhz.

Alvarion B100 gear gets about 72mbps out of 20mhz I think. Their VL gear gets about 35mbps out of 20mhz, I know for sure.

Using 2 or 3 foot dishes and physically spacing adjacent frequency devices to be as far away as possible at the site lets you use MANY systems in one band. We don't get to reuse frequencies, but we do overlap some at our sites with 5.8. We have 8 systems in the spectrum for 5.

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