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Routers not upgrading correctly

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2005 5:46 pm
We have about 75 MT Routers running 2.8.21-26 on them. We have major problems upgrading them whenever we need to.

The problem is:

When we put the following packages (advanced tools, routing, security, system, wireless) onto the router with FTP or the upgrade tool, about 25% of the time security and wireless don't get installed. As you can imagine this make upgrading 75 routers a HUGE pain in the butt. I have sent supout.rif files to MT in the past and they tell me that the security and wireless packages weren't uploaded. This is NOT true, and the automatic upgrade tool, pulls the needed packages from a router containing all the packages.

Has anyone else seen this problem? THe solution is to hike into a forest through the snow to use the ethernet cable to manually upload the packages missing and reboot again. After you have the packages actually on the router you need to restore a backup file, as all the settings are missing.

If MT could fix this problem we would not need to take 3 days to upgrade our routers, and I could do it from home.

Again, has anyone else seen this problem? I have been seeing this problem since 2.8.0. We use routerboard 230s and some intel based motherboards.


Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2005 7:29 pm
by andrewluck

Only once, upgrading from 2.9 beta 14 to 15. Only the System package was installed, the rest were just deleted. Uploaded them again and re-booted and they were installed.



Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 11:15 pm
by Omniflux
I have also seen this problem on multiple rb230s. I no longer upgrade the units remotely, but wait until I can be onsite, which really sucks.


Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 12:26 am
by v1
Just access ruter via ftp , copy packages ,reboot the ruter.
I have upgraded about 20 routers like this whit no single problem.

Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 12:39 am
by sergejs
i also upgrade routers in that way, that i copy files via ftp, and then when is the best time sent to reboot.

but with wireless, after 2.8.19 version it wrote that error, in wireless-package install, and then message that package already installed.


i don't use wireless often, than don't know how it influence :D

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 10:02 pm
Just access ruter via ftp , copy packages ,reboot the ruter.
I have upgraded about 20 routers like this whit no single problem.
I have used both ftp and automatic upgrade options and it makes no difference. Normally the same routers cause the problems over and over again. With 75 routers deployed ALL with wireless packages this is a pain in the butt. We are considering moving away from MT for this reason...also aside from the upgrade issues the wireless packages are just too buggy for us to deal with now.


Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 11:20 pm
by djape
Well, to be honest we had that problem few times on different machines, resulting reset of wireless interfaces to default so we did settings again.
Till now we never found out why is this happening, but it is happening randomly with no obvious reason...

Hope guys from MT will respond to this topic...


Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2005 10:10 am
by normis
turn on all logging to local hdd, make supout.rif file, try to update, if fails - make another supout.rif file and check the logs. send us the logs, both supout.rif files. this is what all of you should do if there is any problem with routeros. it is very hard for us to find the problem if we have not seen it. ... rt.content