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IP DNS cache problems

Sat Aug 02, 2008 2:56 pm

Hi all,

I wonder do other experienced problems with DNS Cache. I have 4 routers as main network gateways in different countries (version 2.9.51) and from time to time they will stop resolving domain names.
When I "flush" DNS cache everything is normal again...
There is one more issue.
From time to time remote PCs (not on our network) will stop resolving some (not all) domains that are on our local webserver...these domains and subdomains are written in GoDaddy TOTAL DNS Control.
The first thing it comes to my mind is a problem with PTR, reverse DNS record. We own 2 subnets at RIPE and our ISP can't write PTR record to their own DNS servers as they are not owners of these subnets. We, on other hand, do not have our own DNS servers.

Is Mikrotik planing to integrate DNS server in future?

Cheers all and keep up to great work.
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