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VPN + Bridge + Dlink DI 524 or DI 624

Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:58 am

Hi everyone ,
I have ROS 2.9.51, on which is running VPN server, I have bridge on that router and my clients are connecting through this bridge, (Their VPN Server's IP Address is My Bridge's IP Address).
Everyone is connecting and is ok. BUT when we try to connect to PPTP server via Dlink DI-524 or Dlink DI-624, the connections are established, but no tcp is passing through th Router why???
Everything is working except THE TCP, Protocol why am I having such problem?
I must mention that Dlink DI-524 and Dlink DI-624 are working very well with other Linux PPTP Servers.
Please help Me this is Very Urgent.

With the best regards
Karapet Aznavuryan

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