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WDS links for internet sharing

Mon Aug 11, 2008 3:22 pm

Hi All
Im reasonably new to router os so please be gentle. We require a setup that can share the internet over two locations seperated by about 150 metres. We have two alix boards that have 2 wlan interfaces and and a ethernet interface.
Basically the first AP will be connected to a dsl router. What im wondering what is the best way to set this up

AP 1. all 3 interfaces bridged
wlan1 ap_bridge 2.4 ghz ssid internet
wlan 2 ap_bridge WDS-static 5.8 Ghz ssid backhaul
ethernet connect to dsl router

AP 2. All interfaces bridged
wlan1 ap_bridge 2.4Ghz ssid internet
wlan2 ap_bridge WDS-static 5.8Ghz ssid backhaul

Would the above be the best setup.
1) what would you recommend for antennas Would 5.5 DB omnis be suitable for the backhaul for 150 metres when connected to a 400mw Card.
2) how do you test if the signals will reach between the two access points. Do you put AP1 in alignment only and AP2 scan?????
3) Do you set a fixed data rate on the backhaul wlan interface and what settings should be set in the txpower tab. Eg Fixed rate, default or card???
Thanks for your help i really appreciate it
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Re: WDS links for internet sharing

Tue Aug 12, 2008 2:58 pm

Can anyone help!!!

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