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OSPF Problems when upgrading to V3 using 3.13

Sat Aug 23, 2008 2:13 am


I run several VPN extensions to my network that propogate all their routes through OSPF. I have upgraded several of the machines to V3 and now the OSPF routes are not stable, the routes show up, and then drop and have all kinds of very strange repeatable behaviors.

Runnin v3.13 on x86 on one side and v3.13 mipsle on one of the other sides and v2.9.51 on x86 and mipsle on various other routers. All in all I have about 30 routers sharing routes over this VPN/OSPF setup and I cannot afford to have them not work so I started with some less important boxes that are showing this behavior.

This does not seem to be happening on machines that are sharing OSPF over wireless or wired network links after the upgrade (even the same machines), only over the VPNs (L2TP/PPTP and EOIP). The links are fine (good ping and speed tests between the two routers over the VPN).

A very strange behavior exists, where sometimes running a speed test over the L2TP link makes the OSPF routes come up for a few minutes, but they never seem to come up otherwise and eventually loose the routes.

Also on an EOIP link the routes come up and drop every few minutes. After the routes come up and drop there are blue colored routes sitting in the routing table with 'Do' next to them, and they seem to add up (every time the routes come up and drop there is another set of these ghost blued out routes and they never go away unless I reboot).

I have been using OSPF across these VPNs with v2 for years.

Thanks for any ideas!
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Re: OSPF Problems when upgrading to V3 using 3.13

Mon Aug 25, 2008 12:44 pm

Using v3.x and 2.9 in one network that runs OSPF is not recommended. It will not even work correctly.
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Re: OSPF Problems when upgrading to V3 using 3.13

Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:12 pm

I had the same problem - so we had to do it all at once. It took several days to prepare and only half an hour to upgrade all network (to 3.1 at that moment)
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Re: OSPF Problems when upgrading to V3 using 3.13

Mon Aug 25, 2008 10:31 pm

we are running 2.9.50 and 3.x witn nearly no problem ...
only had to reboot x86 with 2.9.50 as id did not want to change routes when ospf said..
now its running ok since 2 weeks and has benn running before for about 5 month
problmes where only when i had been playing around too much....
but no OSPF V3

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