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Nat Routing Issue (Please Help)

Wed Oct 15, 2008 9:46 pm

I have a client who has a vpn that has problem building. They are in one city and come back through multiple tower to my main office mikrotik router and the from that router to their main office. When I torch their connection it says it is coming from the private IP on our main router on the wireless interface for them. I see the same thing when I ping their sonicwall from their location in the other city. I torch the wireless interface on their mikrotik at their main office and the ip it says it is coming from is the ip that is their wireless interface on my main router instead of their mikrotik in the other city. I have a nat rule masqurading their subnet so they can get out on the internet but if it is going from location to location it should just be routing to each place. When I turn off that nat rule it shows it is coming from the correct location. I hope I have made enough sense here as to what is going on. Does anybody know what this is happening?

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