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throughput between mikrotik pc and rb333 problem?

Tue Nov 04, 2008 10:21 am


i used btest on mikrotik pc to test the ethernet bandwidth between the pc and the rb333 and i got something like 50mbit/13mbit while testing tcp connection on both TX/RX.I also tested using winbox from rb333 to the pc which gave me 13/50 mbit bandwidth.

is this normal? shouldnt it be like ~40/40mbit???

this is my configuration.

rb333 with v3.7 mikOS ethernet in full duplex, auto negotiate, 100mbit
10m crossed cable not using POE
mikrotick pc 1700Mhz with mikOS v3.13 with mikrotik 44g ethernet adapter in full duplex, auto negotiate, 100mbit

both cpus hit 100% while testing.

is there a problem on my hardware?? which one? ethernet on pc, rb33, software versions?

please help

Thanks in advance

edit:i have replaced the ethernet cable 1:1 without improvements
i have replaced the ethernet card on my pc without any improvements
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Re: throughput between mikrotik pc and rb333 problem?

Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:04 pm

btest is limited by processor. basically since one or more of your devices is maxing cpu @ 100%, those boards simple cant generate any more data. that doesn't necessarily mean they couldn't do more though. it takes a lot of power to create that much data, so i would not be disappointed with those numbers through btest
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