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Static IP's and DNS Server

Thu Nov 27, 2008 11:39 pm

Hello Everyone,

I work for a small WISP in Canada and we have been using the Mikrotik's for a long time. Right now our E-10 is plugged into the E1 port of the Mikrotik and then E3 is connected to a switch that all our wireless AP's plug into. We are using a static IP setup for our clients at the moment. We have expanded faster then we had predicted and we would now like to switch to a DHCP system instead. I would like to set up a DHCP server on the E2 port and be able to leave the static IP address clients alone and start setting people up on the DHCP server and then convert the static IP people later. Right now E1 and E3 are bridged together and I have created a DHCP server on E2. I am not able to bridge E2 and E1 together though so I'm not sure on where I need to go next with this. I use Winbox mostly to configure the Mikrotik. I have done a lot of searching and reading the manual but unfortunately I may be missing something in how to get this working. For the people that are connecting to the DHCP server I will be setting them on Static after they have associated with the server. Thank you very much in advance for anyone who takes the time to read this and offer help.

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Re: Static IP's and DNS Server

Thu Dec 04, 2008 9:03 pm

you should have no issue simply adding a dhcp server to the bridge. your clients (with static ip's) will ignore the dhcp server, since they are manually configered. your dhcp server simply needs to be set to not include the range of ip's that are being used by the static devices, as the server will not be aware of statics. from that point, and new device can be configured EITHER as a dhcp client OR with a static ip from the range of ip's that are ignored by teh server. also if you are using mt devices for your cpe, it is possible to have both a static ip and dhcp client on a device, as in our case, where each client gets a dhcp public ip, and a static private ip. this enables us to provide unique public ip 's to each client (which is handy for so many reasons, CALEA being one of them) as well as a static private ip for network administration, dude monitoring, etc.
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