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Redundant Gateways

Posted: Fri Dec 12, 2008 4:52 am
by davidw
Hi There,

Can someone please advise what the best solution would be.

I have the following configuration at 1 site
Access Point (AP1 on connected to an ADSL Modem1 (

at another site I have
Access Point (AP2 on connected to an ADSL modem2 (

AP1 is able to see and connect to AP2 via 2.4gzh wireless link.

I wanted to create a redundant link so if Modem1 goes down then Modem2 can provide a backup link.

I have seen the network watching tool example ... #ht4027649

and at first I thought that was perfect but on closer inspection I am not sure it will work.
What Ip address would you get it to monitor ?

It needs to be an external IP right ? like

Can't use as it will always be available.

So makes me think you need something on the outside like but then once the script runs and changes the default gateway the first time it will never switch back because google is available again via modem2.

I wanted to resist the complication of implementing BGP and OSPF but I will if that is the only solution.

Thanks in advance