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Wireless vlan help!

Sun Dec 14, 2008 10:29 am

Hello to all, I have installed a setup of hotspot with 2 ethernet ports. The ether1 (vlan) is the port of my gateway to the internet. The ether2 (vlan2) is my hotspot port for my users. Both ports are connected to a cisco switch, ether1 at vlan1 port and ether2 at vlan2 port. So when i connect a pc at the cisco switch at a vlan port, then the user is getting the IP address from the DHCP server of the hotspot and the login page is working fine.

My problem is when i connect a mikrotik AP (RB433 or RB411) at a trunk port of the switch. I can not have the same behaviour as i had before with the lan.

Can anybody help me? I want to have 2 SSID's, one for the vlan 1 and one for the vlan2. So when a user connects to SSID of the vlan 1 he will have internet without the hotspot help and when a user connects to SSID of the vlan2 he will be redirected to the hotspot login page.

I have done many experiments but i could not manage to work it.

I would appreciate your help

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Re: Wireless vlan help!

Fri Dec 19, 2008 7:38 am

Simply having a trunk with multiple VLANs will not allow you to have multiple SSIDs...

Although I haven't used them, I ran across some info about "Virtual APs" in some Mikrotik documentation or change logs. I'm sure that is exactly what your looking for. I think Virtual APs are only available in the the most recent version(s) of RouterOS. I presume that Virtual APs means you can advertise two different SSIDs from a single wireless card.
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Re: Wireless vlan help!

Fri Dec 19, 2008 8:44 am


You have it right, johnRBB. VAPs will do what he wants. It is in the docs here: ... reless.php
It was easier to set up that I thought.
/interface wireless add name=vap1 master-interface=wlan1
Then set it up like a standard AP. The only limit: must be same mode/band/frequency.

ADD: If you use more than one VAP, change the mac on all additional VAPs. They are by default the same mac. Causes some real problems until you figure it out.
Good on all versions at least back to V2.9.49

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