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Traffic not showing up on ports defined as a Master/Slave

Thu Feb 19, 2009 6:03 am

I have started using MasterPort instead of bridging, hoping to improve my performance a little bit, as I dont need all the benefits of bridging offered. I keep things very simple... WAN port (sometimes two or more using MasterPort configurations) , and "LAN" Ports (using MasterPort configuration).

The WAN Port "switch", if you will, often connects to the tower in front of it, and one or two behind it, keeping all the WAN ports of the Tiks on the same WAN subnet.

The problem is this.. I cant find where to get accurate traffic stats on what is flowing through the WAN 'switch'. Even though the tower "behind" the Tik has lots of traffic on it, that traffic simply does not show up on the WAN switch ports (none of them). It would appear that there is almost no traffic at all on the router, yet, I know there is a ton of it, that at the minimum should show as flowing through the MasterPort for the "WAN".

Any help?

Paul, PDMNet

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