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Need help with decision about virtualisation strategy ...

Fri Apr 10, 2009 4:47 pm


I read VM wiki docs, but I still might need some help with my decision. Looked at most of VM related topics I found, I have not found any to post to, so set-up a new topic.

My scenario/wish is following - we have 50mbit line, one main router (SuperMicro HW), and I would like to set-up backup router (maybe in VRRP configuration), but as I also need new Linux server, I want to use one HW (SuperMicro server with two hardisks in mirror setup). My questions are following:

1) Could I have something like RouterOS on compact flash, and host OSes on HD? Do I understand it correctly, that host OS image has to be placed on the RouterOS disk? That probably disqualifies my option? I was thinking about RouterOS as about some kind of firmware on a chip (CF) :-)

2) Looking at some threads, I got impressing that having RouterOS as a VM host is not much reliable? Is it currently stable? What happens when I e.g. need to upgrade/reinstall RouterOS? Could that be a situation, that I might loose access to VM images of gues OSes?

As a servers I want to use Ubuntu 8.10 server edition, which supports Xen paravirtualisation (can work as Xen guest). Now some questions towards how to get Ubuntu running with MT:

3) My idea was to use ESXi, as I am a bit familiar with it. The main advantage is, you can actually install OS, or you can use premade images. I would like to ask, if RouterOS already supports iSCSI in order to work with ESXi? And if not - is it ever planned? (I suppose there might be some licence problem, or it escapes my mind why it is not supported?)

4) Let's say I'll use MT solution - if Ubuntu 8.10 supports XEN guest mode, does it mean I can install it somehow, or I still need those dirty tricks to first prepare kernel, ram-disk, etc.?

5) If I can't it install directly, could I use Ubuntu JeOS, or its format is not what is needed to achieve 4), and JeOS serves different purposes?

6) Would MT work in reverse scenario? I mean - having Ubuntu as a host, and RouterOS as a guest OS?

Thanks for any pointers.

Best regards,

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